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About the Conference  

In the Mathematics arena we are witnessing rapid changes in computing techniques, introduction of exciting new technology and growing expectations of researchers worldwide. This is leading to an urgent need to bring the Mathematics and Statistics fraternity together to really understand and discuss these changes and how best to manage them. In this backdrop, this International Conference on Computational Mathematics and Statistics has been planned. It will provide a forum to researchers and scientists working in nearly all fields of Mathematics and Statistics from both academia and industry to come together, exchange research ideas and discuss recent developments in computational aspects of Mathematical problems and to forge new cross-disciplinary interactions among the scholars and planners as well.



The topics to be covered in the conference, but are not limited to:

Algebraic Statistics and its applications Financial Mathematics and Computation
Algorithms and Complexity Fixed Point Theory
Applications of Extreme Value Theory Image and Signal Processing
Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis Mathematical Modeling and Applications
Approximation Theory and its Applications Multivariate Data Analysis
Bayesian Computation Methods Neural Network and Genetic Algorithms
Big Data Analysis Non Parametric Analysis
Clinical Trials Pattern Recognition
Combinatorics and its applications Probabilistic methods in Graph Theory
Computational Algebra Probability and Stochastic Applications
Computational Biology Reliability and Survival Analysis
Computational Econometrics Resampling Methods
Computational Fluid Dynamics Robust Analysis
Computational Graph Theory Sequence Spaces and Summability
Computational Number Theory and Simulation
Cryptography Sampling Theory and Small area estimation
Computational Optimization Spatial Statistics
Demography and Population Sciences Statistical Algorithms and Computational Software
Design of Experiments Stochastic Process Modeling
Discrete and Combinatorial Geometry and Topology Theoretical and Applied Computational Geometry
L1 - L2 Regularized Regression Models  
Brochure of the conference can be downloaded from here.
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